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(hey mr. dj?)

what's new you ask? plenty! [30 Mar 2005|05:41pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

now that the rubish has been cleared up in this community it's time once again to give it a go....
new music alert
the music:welcome to the north
an amazing band with an amazing album, this is a brilliant album and i think many others will enjoy it as well. Go check them out!

Brazilian Girls: a mix of rock, pop, and electronica

Low Millions: Ex-girlfriends... Adam Cohen, son of legendary singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, is finally back after being out of the spotlight for years. This time he surfaces with his band Low Millions. The sound and the lyrics are brilliant.

Natasha Bedingfield:Unwritten/ brilliant singer songwriter, and sister of Daniel Bedingfield. Her debut album is amazing. Heartfelt tales of love, being bitter, and being proud of her singlehood.

there's much more to post, but that would take all day... those are just a few to give you some new music to check out...
check back for many, many more updates...
thank you to all who have supported this community!!!
frozen78 a place for new music, music lovers, and where posers aren't welcome!
-N (your fearless leader)

(hey mr. dj?)

Grissecon [06 Mar 2005|03:45am]

The Grissecon track, directed by British dark fantasy author Storm Constantine, is designed to explore and celebrate Gothic culture, dark fantasy/horror, magic, Storm's own works, and other assorted fascinating and sundry topics. A guest at Dragon*Con in 1996, 1997, 1988 and 2004, and Lunacon in 2004. In 2003 Storm Constantine directed a successful small convention, called Grissecon, which took place in Stafford in the UK. The Grissecon tracks will build on their previous success and incorporate a much broader programme selection, a wider guest lists, and at venues within many world-wide conventions, which we believe will supply both an ideal location and audience for the future tracks.

March 18th-20th 2005
Sheraton Meadowlands
East Rutherford, NJ, USA

Current Guests and Attendees

Kate Bornstein
Storm Constantine
Phil Brucato
Wendy Darling
Bruce Wells - Canceled due to recording studio conflicts.
S J Tucker
Eric 'Moebius' Morlin
Steve Berman
Laughing Pan Productions

Official Site

(hey mr. dj?)

tell me how you deal with music? [02 Feb 2005|06:41pm]

[ mood | sad ]

music is such a powerful medium, and it helps us deal with everyday life... with love, happiness, sorrow, death, sex, joy, sadness, and then some... i was just wondering if you all could share with me the music that helps you get by... things you listen to that help you out and at times life you up and make you want to take on the world...

(hey mr. dj?)

[28 Jan 2005|05:55pm]

[ mood | okay ]

i've decided once again to get the ball rolling on this community... it's been far too long since it's been updated...

i've found some wonderful music , and i want to share with you all, and you should check it out!

the rasmus- a great band from finland, too me they sound a little rocky, and little ELO... i've been practicaly wearing the cd out...
stand out tracks: in the shadows, f-f-f-f-falling, and a great mix of in the shadows

dana glover-
she's a mix of blues, rock, pop... a beautiful soulful voice....
stand out tracks:
a reason, rain

kill hanah- a band i discovered on myspace.com ... rock and electro mix...
stand out tracks....
i wanna be a kennedy, boys and girls

there are also some that i have re-discovered lately:

the b-52's, i've been listening to a lot of their old stuff, like: planet claire, my own private idaho, dance this mess around, and rock lobster...

cibo mato- i love them... very unique... spoon is an amazing song, and moonchild..

marillion- an amazing band that i was introduced to by nevercadabera, if you've never heard them you should go and check them out right now...
check out: the memory of water, when i meet god

nina simone- a true great jazz legend... she completely surpasses the likes of etta james and billie holliday....
check out: mississippi god damn, love me or leave me, don't let me be misunderstood

so there you have it... something to check out in the near future...

(2singin' for their supper | hey mr. dj?)

[19 Aug 2004|11:51pm]


Hrm.  After listening to every Bright Eyes album, I've decided that I want to get some albums by Bob Dylan.  Any suggestions, please?  

(hey mr. dj?)

music news [19 Aug 2004|12:14pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Michael Jackson Lawyers Call on Witness

SANTA MARIA, Calif. (AP) - Michael Jackson's defense lawyers aim to find out whether authorities violated his attorney-client privilege when they broke into the office of a private investigator hired by the pop star.

To that end, Jackson's lawyers planned to call as a witness the stepfather of the 12-year-old boy accusing Jackson of molestation. The stepfather, referred to in court as ``Mr. Doe'' to protect his identity, was scheduled to begin testimony at a pretrial hearing Thursday.

Jackson's defense wants to know what the stepfather might have known about the relationship between the private investigator, Bradley Miller, and Jackson's former lawyer, Mark Geragos.

The issue is whether anyone told prosecutors and sheriff's deputies that Miller was working for Geragos before authorities decided to break into Miller's office and seize evidence. The defense contends that if authorities knew the investigator and lawyer were working together, the search violated attorney-client privilege of confidentiality.

Evidence seized during the raid included the so-called ``rebuttal video,'' which was intended to answer negative publicity surrounding a British TV special on Jackson. The stepfather is said to have been present when Miller supervised the making of the video, during which the boy and his family reportedly vouch for Jackson's good character. Prosecutors say the family was coerced into making the video.

In addition to Mr. Doe, witnesses under subpoena for Thursday included William Dickerman, the attorney who once represented the family, and a number of sheriff's detectives.

Defense attorneys also plan to challenge individual items seized during a search of Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Meanwhile, Jackson has asked a judge to allow him to publicly react to the California attorney general's conclusion that Jackson was not mistreated when he surrendered to authorities last year. In an interview a month after the arrest, Jackson said he was ``manhandled'' by Santa Barbara County sheriff's deputies.

Jackson, 45, is charged with committing a lewd act upon a child, administering an intoxicating agent and conspiring to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion. He has pleaded not guilty and is free on $3 million bail.

Expert Says 'Lost' Beatles Trove Is Fake

LONDON (AP) - It sounded too good to be true. Turns out it probably was. A long-sought trove of rare Beatles material that reportedly was found last month by a lucky British tourist remains lost, a leading Beatles expert says.

Last month, The Times newspaper reported that a suitcase bought by Fraser Claughton, 41, at an Australian flea market for about $35 was packed with Beatles memorabilia, including photos, concert programs and unreleased recordings.

But Pete Nash, a memorabilia expert from the British Beatles Fan Club who examined the contents of the suitcase on behalf of a British television channel, said he saw photocopied ticket stubs, laser-scanned pictures from the 1990s - and no rare reel-to-reel recordings.

``It's farcical, really,'' Nash told The Associated Press.

Neither The Times nor the reporter who wrote the original story wished to comment Wednesday.

Claughton does not have a listed telephone number, and could not be reached for comment. John Read, a friend and pop memorablia dealer who has spoken for him on the issue, did not return calls.

The story of Claughton's alleged discovery was picked up by media outlets around the world, including the AP.

The Times reported that among the contents of the suitcase was a reel-to-reel tape that included John Lennon and Paul McCartney experimenting with alternative versions of previously unrecorded tracks.

The newspaper quoted an expert with Christie's auction house as saying the find ``sounds very exciting indeed,'' but a spokeswoman stressed to the AP that the auction house had not been contacted about evaluating the find and none of its experts had seen it.

The Times had said some experts believed the collection was the lost ``Mal Evans archive,'' originally belonging to the Beatles' roadie and sound recordist.

Evans was killed by police in Los Angeles in 1976 after brandishing a fake gun. His belongings were lost during the police investigation and have never been recovered.

Nash said many of the items in the suitcase appeared to be copies, including laser-scanned photos dating from the mid-1990s and ticket stubs for The Beatles' appearance on ``The Ed Sullivan Show'' and the premiere of ``A Hard Day's Night'' that were reproductions of images from ``Lennon Legend,'' a book published last year.

``There was nothing to tie it to Mal Evans whatsoever,'' Nash said.

He said he asked to see the reel-to-reel tapes but was told ``they were locked away in a bank vault.''

``They said the tapes were still housed in their metal canisters,'' Nash said. ``Audio tape is magnetic. One thing you do not do is store it in metal canisters.''

Nash said he was played some tracks on CD that were ``very common (bootleg) tracks that most Beatles collectors would own.''

Geoff Baker, spokesman for The Beatles' label, Apple Corps, also said he believed the find was a fake.

The Evans archive remains a grail for Beatles collectors. Evans traveled with the band from the early 1960s and amassed a collection that would be worth millions if it turned up, Nash said.

``He used to pick up the rubbish in the studio, including The Beatles' handwritten notes and lyrics,'' Nash said.

In 1998, a notebook compiled by Evans, containing draft lyrics for ``Hey Jude'' and ``Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,'' sold for $185,000 at a London auction.

A year earlier, McCartney obtained an injunction to prevent Evans' widow from selling a scrap of paper bearing the original lyrics to ``With a Little Help From My Friends.''

Evans also completed a book about his time with the band. The manuscript is among the items lost after his death.

``All his personal effects were sent back to the U.K., including his ashes, but none of it arrived,'' Nash said. ``I think it's still lost in the mail.''

Madonna's Birthday Bash

Madonna rounded off her 46th birthday celebrations (8-16) with a slap-up meal.
The Queen of Pop was treated to dinner by hubby Guy Ritchie at top London restaurant Sketch.

Earlier in the day the couple enjoyed lunch with kids Rocco and Lourdes at another posh nosherie, Smiths of Smithfields, before setting off to visit a nearby museum.

An onlooker said: "Madonna, Guy and the kids looked like a really happy family. Little Rocco was all smiles and was carrying a big parcel for his mum. It was a really traditional family do – not flashy in any way."

(1singin' for their supper | hey mr. dj?)

long overdue update [03 Aug 2004|02:25pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

finaly this community is being updated... it's been far too long...
so to get the ball rolling once again....
i just saw david bowie in may and madonna on july 24th and 25th... and both of them are two of the most amazing performers ever... so tell me about your favorite shows.... what are the best concerts that you've been to and why?

(hey mr. dj?)

the way of curve [07 Apr 2004|08:31pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia - a.k.a.Curve - burst onto the indie scene in the early 90's mixing dance, rock and gothic influences with a dark pop edge. Now, "The Way Of Curve" delivers a definitive multi-label retrospective of Curve tracks covering their entire career. Released as a European only LIMITED EDITION, housed in a stunning metallic finish digipak it collects 31 tracks spread across two discs featuring their 5 Top 40 hits, fan favourites ( as voted for in a recent internet poll on curve.co.uk ) plus rarities, remixes and unreleased tracks, including - "Falling Free" ( Aphex Twin ), "Coming Up Roses" ( Kevin Shields ), "I Feel Love" ( cover of Donna Summer classic ) and "What A Waste" ( feat Ian Dury ). For fans and newcommers alike, "The Way Of Curve" presents a truly essential collection from a truly unique band.

Full Tracklisting CD ONE :
01. Ten Little Girls
02. Coast Is Clear
03. Clipped
04. Die Like A Dog
05. Horror Head ( Remix single version )
06. Fait Accompli ( Remix single version )
07. Missing Link
08. Superblaster
09. Pink Girl With The Blues
10. Recovery ( Original Mix )
11. Chinese Burn ( Osborne mix )
12. Coming Up Roses ( Osborne Mix )
13. Hell Above Water
14. Want More Need Less
15. Perish
16. Nice and Easy

Full Tracklisting CD TWO :
01. On The Wheel
02. Triumph
03. Arms Out
04. Sigh
05. Mission From God
06. Today Is Not The Day
07. Low And Behold
08. Nothing Without Me
09. What A Waste ( with Ian Dury )
10. Falling Free ( Aphex Twin mix )
11. Chinese Burn ( Lunatic Calm mix )
12. Coming Up Roses ( Kevin Shields Mix )
13. I Feel Love
14. In Disguise
15. Sinner
Released 17th May 2004.

(hey mr. dj?)

hi i'm new... and this is my life soundtrack [05 Apr 2004|05:45pm]


Yeah, this could be pretty twisted and long....It's not like I haven't thought about this before..
opening credits: Paul Simon - You Can Call Me All
waking-up scene: again You can call me al [because the radio wakes me up and it's playing]
average-day scene: rest of my life - sloan
best-friend scene: radio bomb by matthew good band
first-date scene: Is She Weird - pixies [cause obviously the person will be wondering that]
falling-in-love scene: falling for you by weezer, it just seems so perfect for that.
love scene: Love Fool -Cardigans [because they're no good for me, don't love me, etc...and I can be fooled]
fight-with-friend scene:  Brightening Day - weezer
"life's okay" scene: Iggy and Angus - Sloan
heartbreak scene: If you leave - OMD
mental-breakdown scene: automatic flowers - our lady peace
driving scene: The Future Is X-Rated - matthew good band [of course I'll be singing along]
lesson-learning scene: Thanks that was fun - Barenaked Ladies
deep-thought scene: tripoli - matthew good band [where has my head gone...]
flashback scene: Ballroom Blitz [oh such happy memories...]
party scene: something like Britney Spears before I enter, then it fades away, as the beggining of Anti-Pop by matthew good band starts as I enter the room with my clique. It fades off into the dance scene
dance scene: Footloose - Kenny Loggins
regret scene: November Rain - Guns N' Roses
long-night-alone scene: Creep - Radiohead [cue sad feelings and self pity]
can't-sleep scene: Thanks that was fun - barenaked ladies [continuining bitterness and pity]
death scene: hear you me - jimmy eat world
closing credits: Song #2 - blur [just to leave people bopping about]

(hey mr. dj?)

life soundtrack [04 Apr 2004|01:30pm]

[ mood | EEEEE ]

opening credits: Pulp - Common People
waking-up scene: Morrissey - Nobody Loves Us
average-day scene: T. Rex - Mambo Sun
best-friend scene: Pop Will Eat Itself - Cape Connection
first-date scene: Magnetic Fields - Luckiest Guy On the Lower East Side
falling-in-love scene: Venus Hum - Wordless May
love scene: Autechre - Foil
fight-with-friend scene: Bright Eyes - Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
"life's okay" scene: Blur - End of A Century
heartbreak scene: Eve-Eyed - Heart of You
mental-breakdown scene: Clint Mansell - Ghosts (Vocal)
driving scene: Schneider™ - The Light 3000
lesson-learning scene: Front 242 - Gripped By Fear
deep-thought scene: Autechre - Second Peng
flashback scene: Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
party scene: Gary Glitter - Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
dance scene: ohGr - SoloW
regret scene: Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter
long-night-alone scene: Walkmen - We've Been Had
can't-sleep scene: 6ths - Give Me Back My Dreams
death scene: Christian Death - Romeo's Distress
closing credits: Covenant - Wall of Sound

(hey mr. dj?)

my life-the soundtrack [03 Apr 2004|03:38pm]

opening credits:
perfect day-hoku

waking-up scene:
wake up boo-the boo radleys/ hyper-ballad-bjork

average-day scene:
breathe in-frou frou/over and over-madonna

friend (best or not):
i got what ya need-nelly furtado/you're my best friend-queen

first-date scene:
kiss kiss-stella soliel/can't fight the moonlight-leanne rhymes/miracle goodnight-david bowie

falling-in-love scene:
cherish-madonna/pretty young thing-stella soliel/gorecki-lamb

love scene:
gorecki-lamb(reprise)/forbidden love-madonna

fight-with-friend scene:
rip her to shreds-blondie/the bitch is back-elton john

"life's okay" scene:
everything is everything-lauryn hill/there she goes-the la's/hey jude-the beatles

heartbreak scene:
son of a gun-janet jackson/caught out there-kelis/ you'll see-madonna

mental-breakdown scene:
aftermath-battery/let go-frou frou

driving scene:
i drove all night-cyndi lauper/never let me down again-depeche mode/the long and winding road-the beatles

lesson-learning scene:
x-static process-madonna/easy ride-madonna

deep-thought scene:
sweet lullaby-deep forest

flashback scene:
lookin back-lauryn hill

party scene:
groove is in the heart-deee-lite/heart be still-deee-lite

dance scene:
madonna mega-mix

regret scene:
days go by-mary me jane/nobodys perfect-madonna

long-night-alone scene:
the look of love-madonna

can't-sleep scene:
you didn't kiss me-mary me jane

death scene:
twisted mess-neneh cherry/everytime we say goodbye-annie lennox

closing credits
this used to be my playground-madonna/send in the clowns-judy collins

(hey mr. dj?)

life soundtrack quiz [02 Apr 2004|11:12pm]

opening credits: david bowie w/ massive attack-nature boy
waking-up scene: cocteau twins-sugar hiccup
average-day scene: the cure-to the sky
best-friend scene: jimmy eat world- authority song
first-date scene: air-playground love
falling-in-love scene: evanescence-anywhere
love scene: richard x-into you
fight-with-friend scene: god module-interference(rmx)
"life's okay" scene: jimmy eat world the middle
heartbreak scene: radiohead-creep
mental-breakdown scene: love spit love-am i wrong?
driving scene: ayria-red shift
lesson-learning scene: frou frou-let go
deep-thought scene: curve-storm
flashback scene: amanda ghost-silver lining
party scene: beastie boys-intergalactic
dance scene: covenant-i am
regret scene: devision-i regret(vnv rmx)
long-night-alone scene: barenaked ladies-what a good boy
can't-sleep scene: james-out to get you
death scene: assemblage23-lullaby
closing credits: backlash-regression is no option

(hey mr. dj?)

Madonna: Once again RE-inventing [02 Apr 2004|03:08pm]

She's still The Queen
Today's Liz Smith column in the New York Post talked about Madonna touring again:
Madonna's 're-Invention' tour sold out instantly around the world. (Madison Square Garden added four more shows, as the first two vanished in a puff of smoke.)
She can be a married quasi-British matron; a mother of two; a children's book author; a devotee of the Kaballah; and even make a record not everybody's crazy about.
But just put out the word that she'll appear onstage, and it's 1984 all over again. She's still the queen.

Teaser adds have been poping up in UK newspapers for the RE-invention tour

And another promo pic has been released to the press:

(hey mr. dj?)

we're back [28 Mar 2004|07:52pm]

after a long break we're back... hold on to your hats because we've got a lot coming up... bigger, better and more kick ass then ever....
music for the people is back

(hey mr. dj?)

welcome welcome [05 Mar 2004|09:52pm]

i'd like to welcome all of our newest memebers to the group! feel free to talk about any kind of music that you want... we're open here to all kinds off music, and always wanting to learn and share new stuff...
-Nick & Bianca (your fearless leaders)

(hey mr. dj?)

My Review Type Thingy [23 Feb 2004|10:09pm]

Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights.

So I'm over it now. Many think that Interpol's vocals sound like a knockoff of Joy Division's, and y'know, I'm not sure they're wrong on that count, but Turn On The Bright Lights, Interpol's debut major label album, hits just about every high point it can, and transcends the paltry label oft applied to it. The lyrics are tighht, the rythyms have a catchy, 80's mod feel that's entirely appealing and there are some tricks they do with violins and reverb that'll wow you.

This isn't to say that Turn On The Bright Lights is without flaw, (vocalist) Paul Banks often fails to emote while singing, often times sacrificing feeling for that hollow (joy division vocalist) 'Ian Curtis' voice, which gets to sounding a mit boring as the record moves on.

Still though, the goods outwiegh the bads, and not only is Turn On The Bright Lights Entirely worth reccomendation on the merits of the music contained, but Interpol as a whole is a band worth watching because they obviously have a good lot of telent, and if they can work on a few things proper, their next record could easily be a modern classic.

(hey mr. dj?)

music fun-ness [23 Feb 2004|02:08am]

[ mood | content ]

you take song titles from a favorite band and use them to answer the questions.

(are we really that suprised? not so much)
1. Are you male or female?: dark lady
2. Describe yourself: alive again
3. How do some people feel about you?: heart of stone
4. How do you feel about yourself?: half breed
5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend: jesse james
6. Where would you rather be?: walking in memphis
7. Describe what you want to be: strong enough
8. Describe how you live: bang bang
9. Describe how you love: believe
10. Share a few words of wisdom: the music's no good without you

(1singin' for their supper | hey mr. dj?)

album review: screaming for my supper [20 Feb 2004|06:10pm]

[ mood | devious ]

ok folks, here it is, my review

Beth Hart : Screaming for my supper

the sophomore album from piano diva beth hart is soothing to the soul as well as being one of the most driven albums of all time. from caressing piano licks to hard guitar rifts, it's a total rollercoaster. L.A. song, which is the most widly known track on the album(track 3, take note) is beautiful and painful at the same time. with lyrics and a hook that just stays with you for days. there are good hard songs and raw jazzy tunes evenly spread througout the album. it's raw and edgy and just feel-good-allover-i-could-listen-to-this-cd-forever kind of loving. check her out folks.....

(hey mr. dj?)

RAY OF LIGHT/MUSIC/AMERICAN LIFE(the madonna trilogy) [20 Feb 2004|02:20pm]

I decided for my review I would review three albums which go together and make a trilogy of sorts....RAY OF LIGHT, MUSIC,and AMERICAN LIFE...
These 3 albums have changed me in so many ways.... We'll start off with everyone's favorite, RAY OF LIGHT...
This was the album where she truly grew and became Madonna of the spiritual. Every song is a piece of amazement, every feeling and emotion is
represented in the lyrics. Beginning with "Drowned world/substitute for love" and ending with "mer-girl", madonna takes you to a new place that seems
oddly familiar. She shows you the past, she shows you a new way to go.She tells you that Love does in fact conquer all.She speaks of the things that one gives
up for fame, and for selfish reasons.She ponders the spiritual path, and discovers that the true way is to let go and follow your heart. This one of those albums
where it is very difficult to pick a favorite song, because they are all so amazing and brilliant. But after pondering, and spiritual discovering comes the aftermath; that
wonderful explosion of learning a new way, and basking in the inner light that shines everywhere you go. This aftermath was the "MUSIC" album. The album where
those dance floor rhythms and beats were brought back.
When Madonna dance, and sang, and once again got up and did her thing. An album that was electronic and complex, yet simple and organic. This is what happens
after the revelation. Songs of love and positivity filled the album. Songs of examining yourself and getting personal. Songs of yet more hope were swirling around this disc.
From the title track that asked the question "do you like to boogie woogie?" to the final song "gone", when madonna strips the layers and you can just picture her on
a stage alone singing her heart out. This is what comes after the RAY OF LIGHT.
But what's the point of having a wild night out, without the next mornings recovery. What is the point, if you don't really figure out what is important, what's the point of your
AMERICAN LIFE if you don't know what that means. I bring you AMERICAN LIFE. The album which most people hated, the album that was considered a flop.
But in my opinion, it's a gem in such a large songbook of music by such a wonderful artist. You cannot have RAY OF LIGHT and MUSIC, without AMERICAN LIFE.
Madonna opens the album up singing about her creature comforts and examining if they are truly for her. Thinking about what is really most important. From there she takes
you on a rollercoaster ride. Where you discover the trappings of the modern world, you go to an insane place called HOLLYWOOD, where Madonna asks "how could it hurt you when it looks so good?" The answer is "plenty".
Then we continue in the discovery of idiotic behavior. Finding how little people know about you, and then finally finding that one person that makes it all seem worth it.
The last song gives me chills, EASY RIDE, which is very much a karma song. Going round and round in circles, finding strength to makes things happen for yourself
and finding out that it's only worth it and one can only have the utmost satisfaction when one strives and works hard for it.
So some may think I'm crazy. Most think that AMERICAN LIFE, and even MUSIC, shouldn't be anywhere near RAY OF LIGHT. But you have to realize how important these albums are. Put them together and there is a great story to be told. These are truly Madonna's best albums. They convey so much emotion, they provoke many thoughts,
they make you think, and in the end, after all the pondering, and thinking, and realizations, they make you want to boogie woogie.

(2singin' for their supper | hey mr. dj?)

My favorite album [20 Feb 2004|01:24pm]

I think I misspelled album but that is ok

the album that means the most to me as a complete work is Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill

I refer to it as my getting in touch with my inner bitch cd...

alone the songs are great but to truly appreciate it you have to listen to the whole album

it is fantastic...

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