D.O.M.G (nullzeit) wrote in frozen78,

life soundtrack quiz

opening credits: david bowie w/ massive attack-nature boy
waking-up scene: cocteau twins-sugar hiccup
average-day scene: the cure-to the sky
best-friend scene: jimmy eat world- authority song
first-date scene: air-playground love
falling-in-love scene: evanescence-anywhere
love scene: richard x-into you
fight-with-friend scene: god module-interference(rmx)
"life's okay" scene: jimmy eat world the middle
heartbreak scene: radiohead-creep
mental-breakdown scene: love spit love-am i wrong?
driving scene: ayria-red shift
lesson-learning scene: frou frou-let go
deep-thought scene: curve-storm
flashback scene: amanda ghost-silver lining
party scene: beastie boys-intergalactic
dance scene: covenant-i am
regret scene: devision-i regret(vnv rmx)
long-night-alone scene: barenaked ladies-what a good boy
can't-sleep scene: james-out to get you
death scene: assemblage23-lullaby
closing credits: backlash-regression is no option
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