BooBoi13 (booboi13) wrote in frozen78,

my life-the soundtrack

opening credits:
perfect day-hoku

waking-up scene:
wake up boo-the boo radleys/ hyper-ballad-bjork

average-day scene:
breathe in-frou frou/over and over-madonna

friend (best or not):
i got what ya need-nelly furtado/you're my best friend-queen

first-date scene:
kiss kiss-stella soliel/can't fight the moonlight-leanne rhymes/miracle goodnight-david bowie

falling-in-love scene:
cherish-madonna/pretty young thing-stella soliel/gorecki-lamb

love scene:
gorecki-lamb(reprise)/forbidden love-madonna

fight-with-friend scene:
rip her to shreds-blondie/the bitch is back-elton john

"life's okay" scene:
everything is everything-lauryn hill/there she goes-the la's/hey jude-the beatles

heartbreak scene:
son of a gun-janet jackson/caught out there-kelis/ you'll see-madonna

mental-breakdown scene:
aftermath-battery/let go-frou frou

driving scene:
i drove all night-cyndi lauper/never let me down again-depeche mode/the long and winding road-the beatles

lesson-learning scene:
x-static process-madonna/easy ride-madonna

deep-thought scene:
sweet lullaby-deep forest

flashback scene:
lookin back-lauryn hill

party scene:
groove is in the heart-deee-lite/heart be still-deee-lite

dance scene:
madonna mega-mix

regret scene:
days go by-mary me jane/nobodys perfect-madonna

long-night-alone scene:
the look of love-madonna

can't-sleep scene:
you didn't kiss me-mary me jane

death scene:
twisted mess-neneh cherry/everytime we say goodbye-annie lennox

closing credits
this used to be my playground-madonna/send in the clowns-judy collins
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