bassists rule my world (save_the_hobos) wrote in frozen78,
bassists rule my world

hi i'm new... and this is my life soundtrack

Yeah, this could be pretty twisted and long....It's not like I haven't thought about this before..
opening credits: Paul Simon - You Can Call Me All
waking-up scene: again You can call me al [because the radio wakes me up and it's playing]
average-day scene: rest of my life - sloan
best-friend scene: radio bomb by matthew good band
first-date scene: Is She Weird - pixies [cause obviously the person will be wondering that]
falling-in-love scene: falling for you by weezer, it just seems so perfect for that.
love scene: Love Fool -Cardigans [because they're no good for me, don't love me, etc...and I can be fooled]
fight-with-friend scene:  Brightening Day - weezer
"life's okay" scene: Iggy and Angus - Sloan
heartbreak scene: If you leave - OMD
mental-breakdown scene: automatic flowers - our lady peace
driving scene: The Future Is X-Rated - matthew good band [of course I'll be singing along]
lesson-learning scene: Thanks that was fun - Barenaked Ladies
deep-thought scene: tripoli - matthew good band [where has my head gone...]
flashback scene: Ballroom Blitz [oh such happy memories...]
party scene: something like Britney Spears before I enter, then it fades away, as the beggining of Anti-Pop by matthew good band starts as I enter the room with my clique. It fades off into the dance scene
dance scene: Footloose - Kenny Loggins
regret scene: November Rain - Guns N' Roses
long-night-alone scene: Creep - Radiohead [cue sad feelings and self pity]
can't-sleep scene: Thanks that was fun - barenaked ladies [continuining bitterness and pity]
death scene: hear you me - jimmy eat world
closing credits: Song #2 - blur [just to leave people bopping about]

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