BooBoi13 (booboi13) wrote in frozen78,

Madonna: Once again RE-inventing

She's still The Queen
Today's Liz Smith column in the New York Post talked about Madonna touring again:
Madonna's 're-Invention' tour sold out instantly around the world. (Madison Square Garden added four more shows, as the first two vanished in a puff of smoke.)
She can be a married quasi-British matron; a mother of two; a children's book author; a devotee of the Kaballah; and even make a record not everybody's crazy about.
But just put out the word that she'll appear onstage, and it's 1984 all over again. She's still the queen.

Teaser adds have been poping up in UK newspapers for the RE-invention tour

And another promo pic has been released to the press:
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