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what's new you ask? plenty!

now that the rubish has been cleared up in this community it's time once again to give it a go....
new music alert
the music:welcome to the north
an amazing band with an amazing album, this is a brilliant album and i think many others will enjoy it as well. Go check them out!

Brazilian Girls: a mix of rock, pop, and electronica

Low Millions: Ex-girlfriends... Adam Cohen, son of legendary singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, is finally back after being out of the spotlight for years. This time he surfaces with his band Low Millions. The sound and the lyrics are brilliant.

Natasha Bedingfield:Unwritten/ brilliant singer songwriter, and sister of Daniel Bedingfield. Her debut album is amazing. Heartfelt tales of love, being bitter, and being proud of her singlehood.

there's much more to post, but that would take all day... those are just a few to give you some new music to check out...
check back for many, many more updates...
thank you to all who have supported this community!!!
frozen78 a place for new music, music lovers, and where posers aren't welcome!
-N (your fearless leader)
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